How do I subscribe to Maison M?

  1. First, sign up for a customer account here
  2. Activate your account through the verification email sent to your email address
  3. Return to Maison M's website, add our Standard Subscription Plan to cart and proceed to checkout (You do not have to specify a Delivery Date at this point)
  4. Fill in the form with the details required upon checkout, including your credit card details to set up for monthly payment (The first payment will be deducted immediately after clicking 'Pay now', after which subsequent payments will be deducted every 30 days)
  5. Once you've received a confirmation email from ReCharge, congratulations! You are now ready to rent your first Maison M box.

How will payment be processed?

We use a recurring billing app built exclusively for Shopify called ReCharge to process your payments.

You are able to manage your own subscription, update billing info, or view your rental history via ReCharge's Customer Portal. To access the portal, click on the unique link in your email notifications or login to your Maison M account and click on 'Manage Subscriptions'.


How many boxes or items can I rent per month?

Our Standard Subscription Plan allows for the rental of a box of three items at any one time. 

Once you are done wearing them, you are free to swap for another box and can do so as many times as you'd like every month. 


How long can I keep a box for?

You can hold on to a single box of three items for a maximum of 30 days (from the date of receipt). Reminders will be sent to you as the day approaches.

We would, however, like to encourage you to swap your boxes regularly so that you are able to try different items and maximise your subscription.


How do I cancel my subscription?

We'd be sad to see you go but you can cancel your subscription at any point.

Log into your Maison M account and click on 'Manage Subscriptions' to access the Customer Portal.

Under 'Subscriptions', look for the 'Actions' column and click on 'Cancel'. 


Delivery & Return

How do I schedule my box for delivery?

After placing your three items of choice into cart, proceed to the Checkout page. There is a calendar for you to choose your preferred date for delivery.

Please note that we offer delivery every Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) and require one working day to prepare your box.

How do I schedule a return?

On Maison M's main navigation bar, click on Schedule A Return and complete the form with the details required, including your preferred date for collection available every Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). 

Kindly submit your return request at least 24 hours in advance.


Do I have to pay for shipping?

Nope! You are only required to pay a single monthly subscription fee.


How long does delivery take after I submit an order?

Orders are closed everyday at midnight. Your order will be processed and packed on the following working day and sent out on the next delivery day i.e. every weekday (excluding Public Holidays).

For instance, if you place your order on Monday, Maison M will prepare your parcel on Tuesday for it to arrive at your doorstep on Wednesday.


Do I have to wash the items before I return them?

One of the perks of subscribing to Maison M is that you can now worry less about laundry! 

Just return the items after use and we will send them to our laundry fairy godmothers for cleaning. (Kidding, we hire a professional laundry service to do the job.)


Can I wash the items if I plan to wear them more than once?

Yes, you may. However, kindly refer to the care label on the garments before doing so as some of them may require more delicate care e.g dry clean only.

Please also understand that you may be liable for any damage caused to the items while they are in your possession.


How soon after a return can I order my next box?

After receiving your box back at our facility, we will require one working day to process the return.

Once we confirm that everything is in order, we will be able to accept and process your next order on the following working day.



What should I do if I discover a defect on my rented items?

At Maison M, we strive to ensure that our products reach our customers in the best condition. However, in the event that we overlook a defect on your item, please drop us an email at hello@maisonm.co or WhatsApp us at +65 8129 3489 with a picture of the flaw.

We will do our best to replace it with another item of your choice or you may opt to rent an additional item in your following order.

What should I do if I damage the rented items?

To avoid any dispute, we strongly encourage our customers to check the condition of the items in your box as soon as you receive them.

In the event that a Maison M garment is stained, torn or damaged while in your possession, please notify us at hello@maisonm.co or WhatsApp us at +65 8129 3489 as soon as possible. The sooner we can assess the damage, the more likely we can fix it! (But, please do not try to repair the item on your own).

If the damage is found to be significant, please understand that Maison M will have to charge you for the cost of the repair. If the damage is irreversible, you will be charged full retail price for the item.