Rainy Day curry

Hey, do we know you from somewhere? Yep, it’s been a while…
These past times, a ton of things happened at Maison M. Not that there haven’t been any new recipes nor ideas to share, but sometimes life just takes over and runs a bit faster than our tiny brains. Anyway.
So there was the rain. This freaking rain. You know spring, with its budding flowers, its timid rays of light and the first glasses of Rosé out on a terrasse when its actually still a bit cold? We almost had it. With its flock of pea risotti, asparagus and rhubarb – strawberry pies. Its bikini-preparing salads, bike rides through the city, its first no-tights skirt days.
And then boom there went the deluge and… come back of rubber boots, jumpers and long faces.

Special Places

Green Factory, or trees in jars

With the sun starting to come back, the urge to stroll around the city is increasing every day…Maya and I went for a walk through the streets of the 10th arrondissement last weekend. Camera strapped around the chest, off we went to République. The idea was to just get lost under in the streets bathed in spring sun and enjoy the day along the canal Saint Martin. Strengthened by a quick break at Holybelly, we stumbled upon Green Factory.
You don’t know this yet, but it’s been a good 3 years that I’ve cultivated a true fascination for terrariums. Back then, my friends were just pitying me and my weird obsessions and didn’t understand why I’d want something like that at home (they were picturing an aquarium filled with lizards and other reptiles).


Spring salad: green asparagus & Burrata

It’s here. Really. Of course, the time changed and gave us a little more sun in the evening, allowing the hope of getting out of the office while it’s still daytime outside, but this really only scratches the surface. Go to the farmer’s market, you’ll see. Strawberries. Asparagus. Sorrel. Radishes. Cucumber, spring onions, crunchy salads and fresh herbs of all types*…It is springtime, people.
So our lunch today, in the sun on the terrasse (ooooh yes, you heard me) (I just hope the sunburn isn’t going to be that bad), was as easy as it is de-li-cious: a warm salad of green asparagus (yes alright, those did not come from around Paris, we cheated a little. SO WHAT.) and Burrata.


Pictures On The Wall

Photography has always had a big place in my understanding of design & decoration. What old-school paintings were to our parents and grand parents are to me photos – be it because of their accessibility or their adaptability, they are to me a mark of art and touch of modernism in any given space. It may be the family portrait in a frame or an urban landscape above the sofa – we always look to make our home reflect ourselves, and decorate it in a unique and accessible way.
Following that trend, ‘reasonably priced limited edition’ photography has spread more and more throughout the world.


Tuna-Poke Bowl

Do you know Tuna Poke? Yeah, neither did I until 2 months ago.
Tuna Poke (pronounced like Okay), is kind of the hawaïan way to do fish tartar. Kind of. I had seen the concept for the first time on the wonderfully tempting menu of Marlon (lovely californian restaurant in the 7th from the crowd who brought Marcel to you) and then again at Granger’s & Co brunch in London. The concept is quite intriguing: chopped more roughly than a tartar, with influences that range from sunny occidental to Asian, you don’t really know how to approach it. So I did what my generation learned to do best: I googled.

Special Places